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Mission Statement:

The Minnesota Business Leadership Network is an employer-led endeavor that promotes best practices that enhance employment and career opportunities for skilled individuals who have a disability.

History of the MNBLN:

The Minnesota Business Leadership Network (MNBLN) is a state chapter of the United States Business Leadership Network (USBLN). The BLN offers participating employers resources for recruiting candidates with disabilities, information on disability issues/topics, recognition for best disability employment practices, and exposure to an untapped market for goods and services.

The BLN began with a small group of employers who were concerned that more than 70% of working-age people with disabilities were unemployed. This model purports a primary business principle-success breeds success. When an employer talks about the benefits of hiring candidates with disabilities, other employers are eager to do the same.

The MNBLN began in August, 2000, when Northwest Airlines hosted an executive breakfast to launch the MNBLN. Northwest Airlines serves as the lead employer of the MNBLN. The founding members of the MNBLN steering committee include: 3M, American Express Financial Advisors, Deluxe, Medtronic, West Group, The Disability Institute, Millennium Technical Institute, and the Minnesota Dept. of Economic Security.

In 2003, the MNBLN established itself as a non-profit, 501c3 organization.

BLN employers are recognized both locally and nationally for upholding policies and practices that remove barriers for individuals with disabilities related to various aspects of employment, including recruitment, hiring, job accommodations, benefits, training and advancement.