MNBLN Career Connections Mentoring Program

MNBLN Career Connections Mentoring Program is a pilot project and collaborative mentoring program between the Minnesota Business Leadership Network (MNBLN), the Minnesota Association on Higher Education and Disability (MN AHEAD), and MNBLN employer members and providers.

The program is a 3-month mentoring experience connecting college/university students with disabilities, recent college graduates with disabilities, and individuals with disabilities who have completed a specialized training/certification program to experienced professionals from MNBLN’s member companies.

This mentoring program offers supportive one-on-one relationships where participants will share their insights, perspectives, and experiences to better enhance their career development, advancement and employment opportunities.

MNBLN is currently recruiting mentors and mentees for the 2017 Career Connections Mentoring Program.  Mentoring activities will take place from February of 2017 – May of 2017, with about a 4-6 hour commitment each month.  Application deadlines for mentors will be January 3, 2017 and application deadlines for mentees will be January 27, 2017.

There is a limited number of mentor/mentee slots.  So please make sure to be as complete and thorough as possible when filling out the application form.  Such information will assist us in making our selection and match decisions.  For more information about MNBLN’s Career Connections Mentoring Program and/or to fill out an application form, click on the mentor or mentee link below, as appropriate.

If you have additional questions, please email